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Up And Over Garage Doors Eastbourne

Up and over Garage doors Eastbourne East Sussex

What Are They?

This type of garage door swings outwards as it opens (but not so much as a retractable door.) It then slides and tilts upwards into the ceiling of your garage, leaving one-third of the door protruding outside the garage and taking up less room inside. You are unable to park too close to the garage door.

Why Choose up and over Garage Doors?

• They are versatile and come in varied designs and colours.
• Up and over garage doors are lightweight and easy to use, but also keep your home safe from the dreaded burglar, as the security lock will withstand most break ins.
• Pivot points are located two-thirds of the way down the door, helping to improve the security of the door.
• Pre-framed versions are available.
Up and over Garage doors Eastbourne East Sussex has noticed that these are the most popular selling doors on the market.

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Up and over Garage doors Eastbourne East Sussex

Easy to Install

Canopy doors are the easiest to install, as the entire door mounts to the frame and no tracks are required in the garage. The only down side is that automating a canopy door is not recommended.
Canopy doors are generally available in all materials including steel, timber, GRP and ABS. With this door type fitted you will have a fairly draughty garage, although the drive through width will not be reduced beyond the door frame.

Retractable Doors

A large proportion of the door swings outwards, as it opens and then slides away into the ceiling of your garage. Pivot points are located at the top of the door, consequently you are unable to park too close to the garage door.

Retractable doors are fairly easy to install with spring assemblies being fitted into the side frames and tracks to support the top of the door. The latter being secured a couple of meters into your garage. They are the easiest type of door to automate with any electric opener being suitable.

Up and over Garage doors Eastbourne East Sussex, Keeping You Safe

Security is generally pretty good with manufacturers often fitting four latches, but when automated, these latches are disabled and the door could possibly be forced open at the base, depending on the set-up. However, an automatic de-latching system is available to counter this problem.

Retractable doors are also available in most materials such as, steel, timber, GRP and ABS, and just as with the up and over garage doors, pre-framed versions are also available. Again, they can be fairly draughty, although some manufacturers have an optional mechanism which avoids this.

Up And Over Garage Doors Eastbourne
Up And Over Garage Doors East Sussex